Trouble with MongoDB on Ubuntu!

Tonight I've been setting up an Ubuntu server to run a MongoDB. MongoDB is a noSQL document database, that promises scalability. I'm new to noSQL databases, but already I'm finding them liberating compared to the rigid schema based traditional DBs.

I'm also fairly new to Ubuntu. I used to develop on Sun linux and silicon graphics but that was a long time ago, and Ubuntu is very different from the xterm vi based system I was used to.

So, I installed MongoDB using the Ubunto software repository. Which worked well, and was simple to do.... and then I started playing with MongoDB. To aid testing, playing etc MongoDB provides a javascript shell that can be used as a stand alone client of the database. Which I played with and became familiar with how to put a document into a DB, which is incidentally, really simple.

The trouble started when I tried to put a document into the database using a simple Java client, using the mongo java driver (here). I could not get this to work. The connection to my server failed to connect. I wracked my brains and searched stack overflow, and finally found this excellently written site that prompted me to uninstall the Ubuntu repository version of MongoDB and re-install using the Debian apt (advanced package tool). This worked a treat, and I now have a java test program that persists data to a remote MongoDB sat on an Ubunto VM running in Oracle's virtual box. Sweet!

Many thanks to Russell Bateman over at JavaHotChocolate!


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