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Eclipse and m2eclipse maven integration plugin.

I've been doing a maven course recently, and have been having heck of a job getting the m2eclipse plugin to work in eclipse (indigo java Enterprise Edition package) on Ubuntu (10.04). Every time I started the eclipse IDE I got complaints about the javahl library not being on the class path. I spent an age trying to fix this. It seems that with the install I have eclipse is not picking up the -vmargs settings from the eclipse.ini config file. I have the java ee package of eclipse installed, and I installed it by using the package manager, and then copying the new version over the old eclipse install. I'm fairly sure this is where some of my problems are arising, because I have already found a few places in the eclipse start up scripts that reference a package directory. My Enterprise Edition (EE) package has a different path to the standard java eclipse package. At some point I will go back and clear this mess up, and fix my paths so that everything works as it should, but this