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Christmas IT fun!

This year I've had plenty of IT 'fun' in the run up to Christmas! My daughters both love drawing, and both are always asking if they can print documents they've created on their computers; drawings, writing, photos. So this year Father Christmas bought us a Bamboo Pen and Tablet by Wacom, and an HP photosmart 5510. Huzzah! Thank you Father Christmas! Thing is my kids computers are both fairly old relics kept alive by wonderful OpenSource software. Ubuntu is our OS of choice, and Father Christmas seems to have done his homework and brought us toys that will work well with our linux based systems. Almost. It turns out that the Bamboo tablet is one of their very latest offerings, a 'third generation' tablet, with support for multi-touch or something. It turns out it needs some fiddling to get it working in Ubuntu. First up, it needs a really up to date version of the linux core, which has support for multi-touch. This for me meant an upgrade to Oneiric Ocelot