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The importance of 'it'

What is 'it'? It's incredible how many software organisations don't understand the importance of 'it'. By 'it' I mean the ephemeral 'it' that is 'the thing you are building'. The concept of 'it' is what holds the different engineering functions together. Without a clear, shared understanding of what 'it' is the software development process will not run smoothly. So how does 'it' relate to the various disciplines in a software company? It should be central to them all. From the above diagram we can see the importance of the Requirements Engineering discipline. They are the team responsible for defining the central concept of 'it' around which the entire software organisation should be centred. The health of this team is vital for the health of the entire organisation, and yet it is often underfunded, under-resourced or in extreme cases, non existent! Agile and 'it' No talk of requirement