Welcome to the Boho Software blog.

This is a blog about software technologies, thoughts about the industry, cloud and stuff like that.

I've been a C++ windows app programmer for the last 10 years, using COM. The advent of managed languages and the vast array of open source libraries available for them had kind of passed me by. All this changed a couple of years ago, when the start up that I worked for was bought up, and we moved into a phase of integration with other products. I led an integration that involved writing a Java module that use a library provided by a different product group. I learned Java and flung myself headlong at the project. The library I was using used the spring framework, and I had no idea what was going on. I resolved to update my skills, and widen my knowledge as much as possible. During the last two years I have done courses on and learnt a staggering amount of stuff, including but not limited to;

C# .net,
Java Libraries;
log4j (logging framwork)
Junit (unit test framework)
C# Libraries;
Moq (dependency injection framework),
log4net (logging framework),
Microsoft Unit Test Framework
GWT, (with Comet)
Android (2.0)

I'm currently into Test Driven Development, and am looking at Agile methodologies. This blog will contain thoughts, learning, examples and ideas. Hopefully I'll learn lots while writing it, and maybe I'll even help some others.


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